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Challenges of Selling a Fixer-Upper

You know the feeling: you’ve got a house in Tulsa, that holds so many memories. It’s been a part of your life, your history, and your family’s story. But, there’s a catch – it’s in need of some repairs. Maybe it’s a bit outdated, or perhaps it’s been a bit neglected over the years. You’ve … Continued

Does FSBO Really Work When Selling a House in Tulsa

Jumping into unknown waters is risky, and when considering the best way to sell your house, there are potentially tens of thousands of dollars on the line. Representing yourself in selling your home in the Tulsa traditional real estate market places tremendous pressure on homeowners to perform to the level of professionals with years of … Continued

5 Signs it is Time to Downsize Your House in Tulsa

Despite the best of plans, life has a way of making a perfect fit into something no longer suitable. When you consider our emotional attachment to our homes, especially when they are filled with so many memories, realizing you might need to make a change can be very discomforting.  It’s helpful to understand that there … Continued

Selling a Fire Damaged House in Oklahoma

Did you know that if your home accidentally burns down, you can reach out to cash buyers or real estate professionals to start the process of selling your house? If you just experienced fire damage and you have homeowners insurance, then your situation is not as hopeless as it may seem. Losing all your possessions … Continued
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